Dynamic Security Management Pty Ltd, DSM, is offering an extensive line of security and personal protection services. We are engaged in the protection of person and property. Our clients range from residential, commercial, and industrial to schools and public government jobs.

DSM selects only qualified and reliable security guards that are dedicated to the protection of our clients’ property and the safety of their employees, residents and guests.

Each guard has training specific to their functional role within DSM. The company realizes that its clients’ needs differ and as a result we have developed a comprehensive approach that will effectively meet the clients demand. Having a close working relationship with clients and guards guarantees the highest quality service.

Our service line is listed below:

  • Security Officers
  • Crowd Control
  • CCTV Monitoring Alarm responses, Mobile patrols
  • High-rise Building
  • Control Room Operators
  • Shopping Centers
  • Site Lockup and Unlock Service

If you have any question about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.